As we inch ever closer to 2033 more and more people sense that something isn’t quite right. Some are already retreating.

Cheap housing, deep unease and intense resilience – all forces that are driving a clutch of Americans to swap city life for a fresh start off grid and far from civilisation.

Some are survivalists, among them high fliers who fear a looming, urban catastrophe and the mayhem that might follow.

Others want a greener, gentler life untainted by the malign forces of capitalism and uncertainty of mainstream politics.

Whichever camp, realtors say the new dropouts are not “crackpots” and often include affluent professionals whose run for the hills has boosted rural land values and started to change their property market.

They’re really preparing for almost certainly is certain. And, if you’re one of them, for God’s sake do not talk to the press about what you’re doing.

Also, I have some FP articles coming ASAP. Link to those soon. And, as I have hinted at previously, there could be a rebirth of sorts over at Freedom Prepper in 2020. Stay tuned.