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Yalies, say goodbye to Art 101:

Yale will stop teaching a storied introductory survey course in art history, citing the impossibility of adequately covering the entire field — and its varied cultural backgrounds — in one course.

Decades old and once taught by famous Yale professors like Vincent Scully, “Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to the Present” was once touted to be one of Yale College’s quintessential classes. But this change is the latest response to student uneasiness over an idealized Western “canon” — a product of an overwhelmingly white, straight, European and male cadre of artists.

This spring, the final rendition of the course will seek to question the idea of Western art itself — a marked difference from the course’s focus at its inception. Art history department chair and the course’s instructor Tim Barringer told the News that he plans to demonstrate that a class about the history of art does not just mean Western art. Rather, when there are so many other regions, genres and traditions — all “equally deserving of study” — putting European art on a pedestal is “problematic,” he said.

It must be problematic to teach and showcase the masterpieces from a civilization you’re actively trying to destroy. Yale, which by the way, rates a solid “C” in ACTA’s 2019 “What Will They Learn” Guide, charges about $53,000 per year in tuition and fees. What a deal! Of course, if they keep this up and abolish composition and science (highly problematic, you know), then they may join Harvard with an “F.”

The art of the steal?