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Not since Roe. Still, in a campaign-friendly regulatory manner, Trump has done more than most.

President Donald Trump, seeking to court evangelical voters, addressed thousands of activists gathered Friday on the National Mall for the nation’s largest annual anti-abortion rally.

Trump, who this week revealed his “Pro-Life Voices for Trump” coalition for his 2020 reelection campaign, has strong ties to the anti-abortion community and is the first president to speak onstage at the event. Activists see him as a key ally in delivering policy priorities aimed at limiting abortion that he promised in 2016.

“On behalf of our marchers, I’d like to thank you for your stance and your record,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, as she introduced the president.

Imagine that you observed your neighbor being murdered, and unable to intervene yourself, you called the police for help. And, all that they tell you is BS about elections, funding, and future potential legislative actions. You might say: “What about sending a man with a gun?!”

What about it, Trump? He could do three things to end child murder immediately in the US. First, declare that humans, no matter how young, are humans. Second, direct the DOJ to prosecute anyone who performs or facilitates child murder with federal criminal civil rights charges. Seek the death penalty in all cases. Third, to bypass the process and the wait, he could declare an emergency and halt the practice with the military. The first judge or elected rodent who squeaked about it could get the Soleimani treatment as an enemy combatant. Of course, this is the guy who, when cleared by the Senate on the fake charges against him, will do nothing to those who attempted the coup.

All the while, the children desperately need a defender, even if one fictional. I’m working on that.