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The Supreme Court takes up a Montana law prohibiting state funds from going to religious (Christian) schools.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said such a ruling would be a ‘‘virtual earthquake,’’ devastating to the way states fund public education.

And Montana told the court that, as in 37 other states, it is reasonable for its constitution to prohibit direct or indirect aid to religious organizations.

‘‘The No-Aid Clause does not prohibit any religious practice,’’ Montana said in its brief. ‘‘Nor does it authorize any discriminatory benefits program. It simply says that Montana will not financially aid religious schools.’’

The focus should be on a wall between government and education. While a ruling for the Christians would be a welcomed respite, they should avoid any contact with the state, even with the money originally stolen from them. Earthquake? Really? Why any of this is a concern to “Mrs.” Weingarten is a mystery; her country funds its chosen religious majority schools because that is what its citizens want. Why can’t Americans have the same choice?