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Leave it to the deep state to brag about useless torture.

Evidence garnered from the CIA’s interrogations already cannot be used in court; the defendants also want to exclude that from parallel FBI interrogations.

All the defendants are still in the preliminary phases of their trials, which have been stalled for years by complex rules, poor administration and legal maneuvers from both sides.

“Mitchell is a big part of the reason why the victims’ families still don’t have any justice,” said Amnesty International’s Julia Hall.

“Mitchell has said he is giving this testimony for the victims and families,” she said.

“However, it is in large measure because of the torture techniques that he himself created and used on the detainees that there has been delay after delay. Evidence extracted under torture can’t be used in these proceedings.”

Other than what has been deduced by outsiders, is there any evidence to support any part of the government’s 9/11 narrative and following wars? No.