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Building on the Chruch’s succumbing to the worldly, the Eye of Soros is up to something (again). Churchians aren’t just falling for it, they’re eating it up.

What’s going on here is not so much Christianity as it is partisan politicking under cover of religious teaching. It’s the furtherance of a George Soros style of progressivism, but cloaked in Christianity — and backed by George Soros bucks — and made all the worse by the initial denials of the George Soros ties.

Wallis ultimately admitted the Sojourners received money from Soros-tied groups. Pagitt, when asked on C-SPAN about Vote Common Good’s sources of funding, ducked and racked it up to “private donations,” before spinning the conversation off rapidly in a public relations direction.

But isn’t truth a core concept of Christianity?

If there’s nothing to hide — if the Sojourners and the Vote Common Good bus tour and all this so-called Christian political activity is really aimed at doing Christian works — why not blare forth the sources of funding? Why not shed the light on the behind-scenes influencers?

The answer’s obvious.

“Americans hate manipulation,” said AAE spokesperson Kelly Monroe Kullberg, in a statement. “Anti-American globalists like Soros are funding a growth industry of paid anarchists and political activists to divide and weaken America, including the Church.”

If Americans (or US “citizens”) hated manipulation, then they’d pitch creatures like Soros out on their asses.