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Back in 1983, before Devil Mouse destroyed the franchise. Called this months ago:

“Rumor has it that they’re up to the same trick with the upcoming Star Wars flick. Evidently, to make sense of the otherwise senseless and attempting to salvage something from the last two installments, they have resurrected the Emperor. That makes perfect sense because Rise of Skywalker is a remake of Return of the Jedi. Gotta have Palpatine for that. Seriously, a remake.

Star Wars Seven (name??) was a remake of the original – kid from a desert planet blows up the Death Star, gains powers. Eight (Jedi??) was The Empire Strikes Back, but in reverse – space chase ending on an ice world. Skywalker will find our heroes back on the sand planet, with a toothy, ground-dwelling monster trying to eat people, followed by an “ultimate” confrontation with Darth Sideous. Again. No word on the Ewoks. My greatest fear is that Jar-Jar shows up.”


As the trilogy’s third act, “Rise of Skywalker” takes the general shape of “Return of the Jedi,” even resuscitating its villain: Emperor Palpatine (the very spooky Ian McDiarmid, now mostly a shadowy heap of CGI). He was last seen exploding in a Death Star air shaft, thrown to his apparent death by Darth Vader. Yet as “Star Wars,” the most forever war there is, marches into its fifth decade, the undying demands of a pop culture phenomenon and corporate revenue generator has led to some unsettling resurrections.

Much more in the news of late. More “I told ya so” ahead.