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Now pay more. Squaw Warren is on the warpath, again, against those freeloading billionaires.

“Here’s the thing: Doing the wealth tax is not about punishing anyone,” Warren said. “It’s about saying ‘you built something great in this country, good for you. But you did it using workers all of us helped pay to educate. You did it getting all of your goods on roads and bridges all of us help pay for. You did it protected by police and firefighters all of us help pay the salaries for. So when you make it, you make it really big, you make the top 10th of 1% big, pitch in $0.02 so everybody else gets a chance to make it.’”

However, not everyone else on the stage echoed that sentiment. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) described the proposed wealth tax as “cumbersome.”

We all know that Scrooge McDuck just swims around in his money, like all rich folks. That needs to stop. Thanks, EW! Come on, Booker! Get on the 158%(!) tax train already.