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The curse of 19 and the gifts of 1965! Hoorah…

Politically, economically, and chemically ignorant “voters” herald the decline progress:

The League of Women Voters of South Carolina opposes the production of nuclear weapon cores, known as pits, in the Palmetto State, a stance that starkly contrasts with the open arms of some state lawmakers and other local officials.

The nonpartisan political group, a branch of the larger League of Women Voters, renewed its resistance last Tuesday in a lengthy announcement.

There’s already enough plutonium and waste at the Savannah River Site, and there are already enough nuclear weapons in play throughout the world, the state group argued, for a local pit production mission to be necessary.

Tom I. mentions something in a certain book about the nuclear slide; 80 per year won’t cut it unless declining armament is the goal.

And! No changes whatsoever, thanks to Mssrs. Kennedy and Celler:

In the latest evidence of the effect Latin American immigrants are having on the United States, the number of U.S. counties that have turned majority Hispanic has doubled.

New Census Bureau data analyzed by the Pew Research Center found that from 2000 to 2018, the number of majority Hispanic counties jumped from 34 to 69.

What’s more, the overall number of U.S. counties that turned majority minority-based, mostly Hispanic or African American, also surged to 151 from 110 in 2000. Most of those counties are in Southern California and along the Mexico-U.S. border.

“Overall, 69 counties were majority Hispanic in 2018, 72 were majority black and 10 were majority American Indian or Alaska Native. The majority American Indian or Alaska Native counties are unique in that most have experienced overall population declines since 2000, even as the share of American Indian or Alaska Native residents in these counties remained fairly flat,” said the Pew analysis.

Exactly like 1964. Or, 1792. 2033. Maybe it’s good to let the nukes lapse after all.