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Today’s Affairs National: NEA Headlines (and More!)


Hello, dearest Piedmont Chronicles readers! I understand y’all had an election up the C-Town way. Congratulations. Or, I’m so sorry. Whatever. Our own M.B. McCart does a better job promoting and defending the local scene than anyone I know of in the whole country. (And, I know like four or five folks!) At the conclusion of one of his stellar local political pieces last week, the comment was made, “Seems TPC,and Brooks et al is the kiss of death to politicians.” Thanks, Bub! If that’s true, then for my part, I hereby endorse all of them. Sic the Goat Man on ‘em.


The NEA! That stands for the National Education Association (yes, this is another ed column). The NEA, according to its website, and this is an exact quote, is: “the nation’s largest professional grifter organization, committed to advancing the cause of communism in Amerika.” Exact quote. They also run a news site, NEA-Today! I thought it would be a hoot to see what the NEA is doing Today, “today” being Sunday, November 10th for examination purposes. Herein, I make short notes about their headlines. Shall we?


“Student Performers Explore Impact of School Segregation: Through theater, young people help amplify the conversation around the tough topics of race and segregation and inequality.”


Yes! Amplify the inequality for all. A conversation about something ended sixty years ago. And, all the stats I constantly post prove just how effective the scheme works. Bravo!


“Building Relationships With Colleagues and Students in a High-Tech World: How can we combine technology and one-on-one interactions in a way that engages us and our students?”


Heads down in those screens is a great way to alienate interactions while also avoiding books. Digital segregation!