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Music for that scary night when all the little Bernie Sanders wannabes come calling:

Note: some of these links may have been disabled or changed. Sorry. Think of it as a suggestion list if nothing else.

Now: the music for Great Pumpkin Night:

Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon, 1978.


Zevon (RIP)/Asylum.

Werewolves, Alternate Take, Zevon, 2007 Release. I know more than a few people don’t like this version. Then again, more than a few people can be wrong. Cool, jazzy, and you always have the ability to listen to the damned original…

Long Cool Woman, The Hollies, 1971. No Halloween, per se, but fits with:

Devil Woman, Cliff Richard, 1976.

Evil Woman, ELO, 1975. All these women…

Witchy Woman, The Eagles, 1972. More women…

Self Control, Laura Branigan version, RIP, beautiful, 1984. The best-looking artist on the list.

Legend of Wooley Swamp, Charlie Daniels Band, 1980. Lucius Clay approves.

David Pumpkins – Elevator Skit, SNL and Tom Hanks, 2016. Not a song. Just funny.

Monster Mash, Misfits, 1997. Yeah, I have trouble understanding the words too.

Mash, Original, Bobby Pickett (with Dick Clark), 1962. Classic; those facial expressions.

Dragula, Rob Zombie, 1998. Burn through ’em.

Thriller (Full), Michael Jackson, 1982. Before we knew the real MJ (RIP) horrors. With commentary from Price (RIP).

Poison, Alice Cooper, 1989. A few Cooper songs I could have gone with; I chose this one.

House of Fire, Cooper, 1989. And this one.

Ghost Riders in the Sky, Johnny Cash’s Version, 1979. Scary with a message.

The Time Warp, RHPS Version, Richard O’Brien, 1974. No need to suffer a theater full of freaks. (They still do that?) You’re welcome.

Sweet Transvestite, RHPS Version, Tim Curry, 1974. Probably the only trans-friendly post I’ll ever make.

Blue Moon, The Marcels, 1961. Shout if you know why I included this one.

The Zoo, Scorpions, 1980. Why not?

Nightmare on My Street, DJ Jaz Will Smith, 1988. Just remembered this one!

Pet Sematary, The Ramones, 1989. My personal favorite – possibly tied with Werewolves.

Sematary, Last Live Show, 1996. You don’t know this…

Stranger in Town, Extended Studio, Toto, 1984. Is your hero a criminal?

Uprising, Sabaton, 2010. Scary history. Great gym song!

Dr. Demento Halloween Special, Demento, Westwood One, 1986. Hour and a half of crazy.

Little Red Riding Hood, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, 1966. For the g-g-g-generation.

Swamp Witch, Jim Stafford, 1974. Wonder if she knew Lucious?

Purple People Eater, Sheb Worley, 1958. Currently seeking the DNC nomination…

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker, Jr., 1984. Can’t believe I didn’t have this one earlier.


Here Comes Santa Claus, Gene Autry, 1947. Oops. Too early – for another week or two…

30+ hits sure to rock the candy off the beggars!

Have a great Halloween!

The cigar-chomping, government-bashing, culture-questioning madness shall resume soon. Oh, curious about how Tom Ironsides spent a Halloween evening? Check out Chapter Ten of The Substitute.