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A duo of National Affairs are planned for a short TPC spot: Asset Forfeiture (Theft) and Dem Skrools. Then! Comes a great TPC Halloween Special – you will not want to miss that. Look for it, there and here, around the 31st.

Also, some fictional updates:

I’m working (slowly) both on The Substitute for Kindle and a Prequel featuring Dr. Ironsides at his best. In the 54th reading of my manuscript, I noticed the slightest little plot timing discrepancy. It manifests itself towards the end of Part II. I found the thing hilarious. It would be literally a one-word fix, but I’m tempted to leave it in, like an upside-down airplane. Most, I assume, probably won’t notice it even with my alert. Funny.

And, they’re not posted anywhere, but I’ve received a little praise from an early reader:

“Hey – I started your book – I am truly impressed! It’s a bit Stuart Woods like.” – “J.B.”

On the layout, etc.:

“It’s great – very professional, a real novel.”

I’ll take it! After last being compared to Lovecraft (which is also okay), this is a move towards a higher-selling comparison.