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So very easy in Amerika. PCR notes how few media outlets were interested in the WTC7 report. (He missed my work with TPC if that makes any difference).

To pull a building means to bring it down by controlled demolition. Later, Silverstein tried to retract his admission and claimed that he meant the decision was made to pull the firemen out of the building, but according to reports no firemen were in the building as the fires were not regarded as of any consequence.

After 17 days, the report of the civil engineering team remains unmentioned in the American media except for a local Alaska TV station and a local Alaska newspaper. The report went straight into the Memory Hole. The vast majority of the American people will never know that the information has been kept from them.

The $ilverstein…

The good news is that the vast majority is vaguely aware that a new Joker movie is coming soon! More their speed.