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So it’s clear: the Democrats now accuse Trump of doing kind of the same thing to Biden that Obama did to Trump. Except that if Trump did it, his “violation” was not domestic and was legal. Trump says he didn’t do it anyway. Still, the show will go on! But, we must consider that “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine!” doesn’t have the Russia ring to it.

Whatever else he is, if Trump was one-tenth as bad as the Dems say he is, then there wouldn’t be any enemy combatants left in DC to hold the show hearings.

Like Carlin, minus the logic.

PS: I sincerely hope this is the sum total of my impeachment-related commentary…

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi isn’t a stupid woman. She’s just lost control of her party. She also assumes that people can’t remember a mere decade’s worth of BS. Yesterday, she cried for “the Constitution!” In 2009, she thought the Parchment was a joke. Sad. Read the Presidential call transcript (NBC copy…). In essence, it says Trump was just reelected.