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PCR on the teeming hatred against the core of America.

The white core population, despite its almost fatal insouciance, is gradually concluding that many forces are at work to stamp it out. Unrestrained immigration is only one of them.

The unintended consequences of demonizing the white population—all except those guilt-ridden white liberals living on multi-million dollar trust funds who join in the demonization of white people—are many and far reaching. For example, why would any white male with a brain join the military of a country that has abandoned his interest and is operating against him? Why would he join a military of a country that the Democratic Party prevents from defending its own borders? Why would he join a military and be sent to kill Arabs in the Middle East and blacks in North Africa when he is taught to feel guilt for his racial hatred of “racial minorities?”

Doesn’t a country collapse when its core population is demonized and dispossessed?

When agendas advance themselves by using lies to suppress truth, how can rational decisions be made?

When emotions displace reason, the result is conflict.

Mass shootings are new in our history and are becoming more prevalent. These shootings seem to be leading to the repeal of the Second Amendment. Indeed, I am certain that the US Supreme Court justices are being lobbied by “progressive forces” as I write to change their ruling in order to save lives. As the shootings advance gun control, many gun owners believe that the shootings are orchestrated by the deep state in order to disarm the population and thereby prevent any resistance to the tyranny of the rising police state, which as John Whitehead has made clear is in plain view.

In other words, trust, an important cement in any society, is everywhere being erased.

When trust is erased, things fall apart.

When things fall apart, mass violence is the consequence.

The El Paso shooter’s manifesto, kept from you by the sordid presstitutes, is here.

I’m not too sure about the manifesto. Gaping holes and inconsistencies. The truth, however, certainly is inconvenient. Things haven’t even started to heat up.