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Freedom Prepper rides again!

Hello, Freedom Prepper friends! Long time, no post here. It’s good to be back, except that these are very sad circumstances. Over the weekend, just like many of you, Scott and I discussed the tragic events from El Paso and Dayton. As of my last checking, on the morning that I wrote this up, twenty-nine people are dead and God knows how many are wounded. Terrible. At FP, we’re two things: we’re most strongly pro-Second Amendment, and we’re also anti unlawful violence. As are you, dear readers. We’re also into the truth about these matters.

And, I have to say at this point, that the truth is missing (or certainly appears to be missing) from both of these shooting stories. There’s no doubt it happened and that innocent people were killed. But, there’s something behind it. Something is off. Badly off – like poor scripting. As with most of these shootings, there remain various inconsistencies and unanswered questions. With the Dayton story, I have strong reason to doubt the official narrative. If fact, I almost always doubt the official version of most stories, as told by the government and the media. You should too. But, today, we’re here to discuss the shooting numbers only.

Scott posed the following to me on Sunday, the Fourth: “Anyway they are reporting that [Dayton] is the 250th mass shooting in the US, would you be interested in writing an article about that statistic, spelling out the truths from the non-truths, to see what the real number is versus the media driven number?”

Yes, of course, I would! But, again, I’m only working with the reported stats. I just finished a column for another publication about some ridiculous improbabilities with the Dayton shooter. All of those aside, was he the 250th mass shooter in America in 2019? The answer is the old lawyer’s favorite: “It depends.”