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This has been an accepted fact for decades. Now, some try to put an anti-Nationalist spin on the phenomenon.

To estimate the effect of cable television on I.Q. scores, the Norwegian scholars analyzed data on the introduction of cable network infrastructure by municipality. They calculated years of exposure to cable by considering the age of eventual test takers when cable became available in their municipality. They controlled for any potential geographic bias by comparing siblings with greater or less exposure to cable television based on their age when cable infrastructure was put in.

They estimate that 10 years of exposure to cable television lowered I.Q. scores by 1.8 points. In related research, Mr. Hernaes finds that exposure to cable television reduced voter turnout in local elections.

This is all partly true. But, the truth goes deeper, into hard neuro-science. TeeVee acts literally like a digital narcotic. It turns off certain brain centers, sometimes with lasting effects. If lower rhetoric and trash nonsense account for the 1.8-point drop, then how much else can be attributed to diminished physical capacity in the brain? Better not to find out. Turn off the tube!