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Good Rhetoric Requires Good Action


Just about every time that I write off the Trumpster as a failure, he says (always, always via Twitter…) something that makes me reconsider. The man is a Baby Boomer and a civic nationalist. In other words, he generally falls for the fallacy that America (or the United States) is a proposition nation, wherein anyone, of any stripe, may assimilate and become an American. If that ever happened on a majority scale, then it might be worth debating. But, it does not happen that way. It’s a lie, poems on statutes notwithstanding.


HERE! I insert a crowd-pleasing first photograph, which I am led to believe will increase the devotion of the Facebook darlings. You’re welcome. 

No need for pictures here.


I’ve covered who and what “Americans” are – a distinct People – before. If you’re having trouble with the concept, please consider the Webster’s Dictionary definition of the noun. B-b-but, that was 1828! Things and words change. If that’s true, then what of the word “dictionary?” Has “a book containing the words” morphed into “a book containing the lies?”


Trump set off a firestorm among Not Americans, subversives, Europhobes, and idiots, when he Tweeted that Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) and several other US Representatives (US, certainly not American) should get the hell back to where they belong. “[Y]ou can’t leave fast enough.”


The Trump/Tweeties… (‘cept this one).


No, Mr. President, they really can’t. And, they’re not going to leave on their own. That’s where the ACTION comes in. Trump is the one man who can literally force the seditious elements to depart. He should do so immediately.


The Post-1965 Era is a demographic disaster of Biblical proportions ( or “Koranic” for Omar, “Taldumic” for Ben Shapiro). America currently endures the largest invasion in recorded history. Someone said something about a wall. (A LOT is said). There’s even a (toothless) state of emergency in effect. Maybe it’s time to DO something about the trauma.


The tools are there, most of a military persuasion. Thirty Mike Mike! makes one hell of a tweet. As for Omar, et al, the solution of precedent is expulsion via deportation. Nothing new, here. America’s favorite President of all Union-saving, slave-freeing time set it in 1863 when he forcibly deported a real US Rep. from Ohio, Clement Vallandigham. Vallandigham, considered by Lincoln an agitator, was seized by soldiers and shoved across the border into the Confederacy. Not wanted there either, he was removed to Canada. Mind you that he fit the dictionary definition of “American.” If it was good enough for a native son, then it’s too damned good for someone from The Mog.


The past few days, I’ve read with amusement some of the predictable tripe from the likes of Shapiro, David French, Bill Kristol, Bill de Blasio, and Ari Cohen – all of whom should also be deported – about “racism,” “Republicans can do better,” “nation of immigrants,” etc. de Blasio lied something about America being a “nation of immigrants” for “hundreds of years.” He likely read that in a Common Core textbook or an old SDS recruitment comic.


To make a point, I now devolve into the use of pictures. These I understand boost something with the social media types. Unfortunately, they’re pictures of charts. Anyway, here’s how many hundreds of years “nation of immigrants” has been in common English parlance: OTHER UNNECESSARY PICs HAD FOLLOWED.


Before you go and think about having spotted a trend or something, please note that the foregoing is mere fact. Facts are not poems etched on sacred sculpture. Nineteen-Sixty-Five. No changes at all…


For my part, I look forward to Trump’s non-verbal responses to all of this about the same time he arrests the Board of Governors for the Fed, decrees the NFA and GCA Unconstitutional, forcibly sides with Norma McCorvey, and halts the invasion. (Most will occur in the nearer future, if not on 45’s watch). However, only last week, I didn’t even look for his verbose defense. Maybe things do change.


The people who will re-elect Trump, share my idea.

Attendees at a ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign rally Wednesday night in Greenville, N.C. chanted “send her back” after President Trump trashed Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), claiming she is not proud of America and that she wouldn’t disavow al Qaeda in an interview.

Not that anything being a good Val is necessary, but it appears Trump has ample evidence to back deportation (we’ve known about all of these issues for some time).

A video released by Minnesota’s Alpha News makes the case for anti-Trump Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s deportation, citing evidence allegedly proving she committed immigration, marriage and tax fraud.

The Gateway Pundit says they were “sent several updates on Ilhan’s story in the past two days. Our sources are hesitant to go public due to concerns of retribution from certain segments in the US Somali community.”

On Wednesday, a reporter asked President Trump about Omar’s alleged marriage to her own brother and POTUS said, “I hear she was married to her brother… I don’t know, but I’m sure somebody will be looking at that.”

Somebody like ICE or the Army, maybe? Probably not…

Look for another exciting and timely piece at TPC next week, focusing on a cool new trend currently sweeping the nation-shaped kind of place.