I found this post from nearly two years ago. Since then, I have read the book and made, I think, the briefest recommendation without a full review. It’s still relevant, more so than ever really.


Americans aren’t just increasingly fat; they’re increasingly stupid.

Today, Vox Day noted the decline in the average college IQ over the past six decades. We’re collectively down 12.3 points, almost a whole SD. It kind of matters. Smaller brains and larger waistlines so not make for a good or viable trend.

I also read a review of sorts by Chris Sullivan of Anthony Esolen’s Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture. Esolen may have some answers for the academic decline and more.

Anthony Esolen, a professor at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire and recently of Providence College, Rhode Island, has written a stinging critique of modern education and American society in general titled Out Of The Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture published by Regnery Publishers, 2017.

It’s a short book – 203 pages – but contains much wise social commentary and observations on everything…

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