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You don’t need a military-grade assault weapon nor any “high” capacity magazines. Pay no attention to this story:

A homeowner with an AR-15 killed two of four intrusion suspects Wednesday night, one of whom was wearing a “Jason” mask.

The Ocala Star Banner reports that four suspects allegedly targeted the home. Two of the suspects, 22-year-old Nigel Doyle and 21-year-old Keith Jackson Jr, were killed when the homeowner opened fire. Guns were found near the bodies of both men.

Two other suspects, 19-year-old Robert John Hamilton and 22-year-old Seth Adam Rodriguez, were apprehended by responding deputies. Rodriguez was “arrested on charges of murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Hamilton faces home invasion robbery with a firearm.”

The vibrancy of the new Amerika. Ah. Thirty-caliber and he might have gone four for four…

Considering that we have mobs, domestic and foreign, roving now and numbering in the hundreds, maybe it’s time to upgrade to belt-fed weapons or flamethrowers.