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In a world and nation where reading goes by the wayside, it’s nice that sometimes a few writers poke their heads in here. Hey, y’all! Read this about some 1984ish changes to Word.

I’ve been a writer for thirty years. I have over two hundred thousand MS Word docs on my computer. But now, I’m converting all those files to a different word processor.

I don’t want to do it. But I have no choice. MS Word — the default application for novelists, poets, journalists and playwrights — has just become Big Brother. No serious writer can use it anymore.

The problem: Microsoft now “offers” an AI tool designed to “improve” my writing. For example, if I type, “We need some fresh blood around here,” Word now changes that phrase to “We must hire some qualified employees.” Or, if I type the word “waitress,” Word now changes it to “waitperson.” (see HERE and HERE and HERE.)

We’ll assume that it converts “Robert E. Lee” to “Satan.” I haven’t used Word in years, before being a WordPerfect fan. That too got a little tedious. Now, like so many I’m either directly in the editing side of WP or – and, yeah, really stupid – using Gdocs. Who knows how much longer any of the platforms will be safe.

I’m not ready to revert to a manual typewriter, though I really am open to the idea. More likely, in the near future, I’ll hard set something like Scrivener on a dumb device or get a restored Tandy running AmiPro. The conversion and publication thingies are a little more complicated with those options, but there are viable workarounds.

Anyway, wordsmiths beware.