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A war for which there is no justification.

Folks, all of the hatemongering and fearmongering against Iran aside, the Persian nation has not invaded any country in an act of unprovoked aggression in over 200 years. Iran was not even involved in Israel’s Six Day War in 1967. And not only has Iran not attacked the United States (or Israel either, for that matter), Iran poses absolutely NO threat to the United States. And the only threat Iran poses to Israel is a defensive threat as Israel constantly attacks Iranian assets across the region. If Israel was not such a fanatical militaristic apartheid state, the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah would not even exist.

Israel has launched hundreds (maybe thousands) of missile attacks against Iranian assets in Syria and Lebanon. And please remember that Iran’s forces are in those countries lawfully, having been invited by the respective governments of those countries to help defend their people against the constant attacks by Israel.

Do you not find it more than interesting that Iran is home to more Jews than any other Middle Eastern country outside of Israel? And do you not find it even more interesting that those thousands of Jews in Iran believe themselves to be freer and safer in Iran than they would be in Israel, the United States or Europe?

This war against Iran is not about the safety and security of the United States, and it’s not about protecting the world against a “terrorist” state. It’s all about war for Israel and the Federal Reserve. Iran is the last major Middle Eastern country that has refused to submit to the Federal Reserve international banking cartel.

Bingo! Follow the money.