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I haven’t watched any of the Democratic circuses on television and I don’t plan to start. In fact, I so unconcerned, that I haven’t even looked at any transcripts. What’s the point? But, I do understand, maybe Tulsi Gabbard aside, every one of the Donkey candidates wants to give away heaping truckloads of “free” stuff to just about anyone they can find. Surfer Girl was right to stay out of that idiocy last night.

The Parkland school shooting and the aftermath are back in the news. Instead of more gun control, maybe we need more police control?

TPC is back from the annual summer getaway and a SUPER POST is heralded for Sunday. I said I might participate in that. And, I might. Maybe. That, or I’ll just concentrate on next week’s column – for which I have several ideas. One is of the political variety and something I’ve been holding back. “Independence” Day week might be a good time to unleash. Or, there’s a new short historical fiction piece I just totally made up out thin air. No idea where it came from, but I think it hits some buttons. It’s completely unrelated to any other fiction I’ve done, so I did add in Tom Ironsides, before and after, as a bookend set. The story is in no way related (directly) to his work, nor mine with him.

Blah, blah, blah. Happy Friday. – P