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Two items:

1) The first Tom Ironsides novel (yes, novel, as in full-length book) has grown to around 120-125 (paperback) pages. It needs a ton of work and there’s probably another 200-ish pages to go. I’m getting there and having fun with it.

2) I recently debuted an additional set of characters in a different story set in the Ironsides universe. THIS ONE. I intentionally released it here and sent it to three reviewers. Two have responded. The first said it was excellent and left little doubt as to the evil nature of the subjects and their programs. The second, a very good fiction writer, was more nuanced: “Quite remarkable, disturbing,… well, it defies easy description” He later gave me the difficult description. He warned me about mixing genres, which I get and will work to smooth as that story develops towards bookhood. BUT! He said the style reminded him of H.P. Lovecraft. My first horror/Sci-fi bit was compared to Lovecraft. So, any day after I pass away, I should become a millionaire. Yay?

Thanks. More to come. P