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I’m not going to suggest the President’s vow to deport “millions” of illegals amounts only to hollow words. Not just yet. But, I suggest that no-one in the establishment really takes him at his hollow word. Anyone seen any response, hysterical or otherwise, from the loyal opposition? No. They’re just not taking this seriously. But, various criminal elements are. They’re planning resistance if necessary.

“This [set of hollow words] is inhumane and un-American,” said Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the National Partnership for New Americans, a coalition of immigrant-rights groups. “A massive crackdown will cause harm to communities throughout this nation…. We plan to help immigrants resist this massive abuse of power by preparing rapid- response teams and legal assistance on the ground.”

Aside from what I inserted between the [ ], all of the above quote is either lies or criminal threat. “Inhumane.” Lie; the implications of the hollow words are to be expected under any guise of rule of law. “Un-American.” Lie; the hollow plan is PRO-American, understanding “American” as a distinct moniker. “Will cause harm.” Lie; only benefits away AMERICANS from making America somewhat American again. “Help immigrants resist.” Publically bragging about a conspiracy to commit felonies.

I’m guessing all guilty parties get away with it. I hear the rubes were chatting the old, hollow slogans at the giant WWE, circus tent rally the other night. New Amerika, indeed.