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Eric Peters on the “entertaining” future of the automobile.

H.G. Wells wrote about a time machine but Aldous Huxley – author of Brave New World – may actually have had one. And used it to to travel to our now, jotted down a few notes and then returned to the early 20th century to write his chirpily depressing picture of what tomorrow will look like:

A world of endiapered adults who remain perpetual children, perpetually distracted by imbecile pursuits – because distracted imbeciles are much easier to herd than conscious, thinking adults are to bayonet-prod in the desired direction.

Well, here we are – almost.

Talking cartoon characters will be displayed inside the automated cars of the impending Future – to keep the endiapered imbeciles within droolingly quiescent and vacuously smiling as they are meatsacked to whatever destination the controllers input. Perhaps the mall.

Perhaps, in time, somewhere else.

They won’t know the difference and – far more important – won’t care. They will be entertained.

This is no kidding. It was on display at the CES Technology Trade Show in Shanghai last week. Not one but several former (or soon-to-be) car companies, which are transitioning into “mobility” companies – had kiosks and PR people on hand to show the wares.

The automated car will become a kind of Boob Toob on wheels, with “virtual reality experiences” embedded within to keep the meatsackeds’ minds off what’s happening without – and generally.

A neighbor just bought a new car, and a nice one too. We chatted about what I might like as a replacement for the old 19th Century buggy. I can’t think of a single new car that excites me. Cartoons won’t help. But, the people… The people will end up demanding this.