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There would be no need to suffer any more May-related drama.

On another day of high drama in Westminster;

  • Tory kingmaker Sir Graham Brady will tell Theresa May she must name her departure date on Friday or face being forced out by his powerful committee within days.
  • Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn refused to engage with the PM, telling her it would be pointless because “she only has a few days left in the job”.
  • Desperate Tory and Labour chiefs attacked Nigel Farage in a last-ditch bid to stop him trouncing them at the Euro elections, as the nation goes to the polls.
  • Senior ministers demanded meetings with the Prime Minister to tell her NOT to offer MPs a chance to vote on a second Brexit referendum – but she refused to meet them
  • Dozens of Tories – including previously loyal backers of Mrs May – say she has now run out of road and must resign as soon as possible and leave Brexit to her successor
  • The Chief Whip told party bosses she was not planning to stand down last night and instead will hold a crunch showdown with the Tory backbench chief tomorrow – after today’s Euro elections
  • Tory grandees pulled back from changing party rules so the leader can be removed immediately
  • The PM’s DUP allies warned she is leaving Britain at the mercy of the EU

A ruling monarch could simply go ahead and sack May (and Parliament). Then, she could pronounce BREXIT done and over with. A little Spring cleaning and things would be much better in Avalon.