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We know Western IQ averages are falling, plummeting. I’ve covered it. Vox Day covers it. Stefan Molyneux covers it. Dutton and Woodley own the topic. In a sloppy bit of journalism, even NBC dives in.  At least they didn’t print thewell-worn “the average IQ is 100” statistical fallacy. But, they dance all around the issue, ending with something about climate change (shock!).

Ultimately, it’d be nice to pin down the precise reason IQ scores are dropping before we’re too stupid to figure it out, especially as these scores really do seem connected to long-term productivity and economic success.

Two primary reasons: 1) Smarter native people in the West aren’t having enough children (if they have any at all), and; 2) immigrants from lower-than-average countries keep having more children. No time, today, to explain mean regression, why smarter native people aren’t breeding, why not-so-bright natives are breeding, etc. Read “At Our Wits End” by Dutton and Woodley if you can’t already grasp the obvious (if you  work for NBC for example).

This stuff matters  mightily if you care about things like societal stability, electricty, abundant food, and indoor plumbing. If not, then pop a pill and chill out with the glowing screen on the wall (while it still hase power and programing).