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Friends in Georgia: the immoral, useless, and downright evil slugs of Hellywood want to govern your State. If you won’t let them, they’ll take their marbles and retreat back to Sodom and Gomorrah West.

Hollywood has been outspoken against a controversial Georgia abortion law, and now the heads of three production companies are saying they will not film in the state.

Christine Vachon, chief executive officer of Killer Films; David Simon, creator of “The Wire” and “The Deuce” who heads Blown Deadline Productions; and Mark Duplass of Duplass Brothers Productions have come out in opposition to a newly signed law that would ban abortions in the state if a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Georgia has been the location for the filming of multiple television shows and blockbuster films, including one of Marvel’s biggest hits, “Black Panther.”

Such films and the production of wildly popular TV series including “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things” have resulted in an estimated $2.7 billion pouring into the Southern state from direct spending via 455 productions, the governor’s office announced last year.

Filmmakers J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele released a joint statement Friday stating they’d stand “shoulder to shoulder with the women of Georgia” as their new show “Lovecraft Country” begins shooting in the state. They promised to donate 100% of their episodic fees to the ACLU of Georiga and Fair Fight Georgia, an election reform organization.

“Governor Kemp’s ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law is an unconstitutional effort to further restrict women and their health providers from making private medical decisions on their terms. Make no mistake, this is an attack aimed squarely and purposely at women,” the joint statement read. “We encourage those who are able to funnel any and all resources to these organizations.”

On Thursday, Vachon, whose company has been behind such films as “Carol” and “Vox Lux,” made her stand known on Twitter.

“Killer Films will no longer consider Georgia as a viable shooting location until this ridiculous law is overturned,” she said.

Of course, “Killer” Films wants to keep killing Georgia babies. To hell with them. Really, who in his right mind cares what these savages say about anything. Let them go. Hell, they should have – yeah, yeah, I know the GA GOP is money hungry – added that to the law: “…and all television and movie production companies are henceforth barred from the State…”

Join me in permanently boycotting everything that appears on the larger and smaller screens – unless it comes from a verified Christian source. There’s a reason that the actor set has been scorned by the civilized, as a bunch of idiots and degenerates, for millennia.

And, Cut!