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This is not a tactic endorsement but, rather, a recommendation for a little reading. I’m nominally aware of the Spotted Toad and his career. I owe my knowledge of his new book to Steve Sailer.

While Toad abstains from citing data in his new self-published book, his Thoreauvian reminiscences are informed by the latest findings on genes and IQ, which makes for a subtle and unusual literary combination. Most schoolteachers would rather not think about 21st-century intelligence science, but Spotted Toad can’t ever stop thinking.

The book is 13 Ways of Going on a Field Trip: Stories about Teaching and Learning. It’s $.99 on Kindle, $4.44 for the paperback. Have a look, if you will; I have not read it yet.

It’s about teaching, anecdotes more than statistics. I’m sensing entertainment with a greater message. I understand that it stems from one of the great education fads of this century – Teach for America. A 5-star Amazon review:

Fascinating stories of what a young teacher encountered in New York City schools, mixed in with reflections drawn from the teacher’s own youth and experiences and from his reading. All in all (as my daughter’s fifth grade teacher used to tell the class to end their 3 or 5 paragraph essays), a wonderful read.

Hop … on over.