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From today’s TPC:


Dear Tallahassee: The Second Amendment Requires No “Guardian”

Legislative sessions continue to confirm many uncomfortable truths. One is that people are just plain stupid. Another is what Cicero said (just a few years back): “The more laws, the less justice.”

Case in point: the Second Amendment runs all of twenty-six words – plain, simple, so unambiguous a Supreme Court Lackey can almost understand it. That was then, in 1791. Today, on or about May 1, 2019, the sad, slow legislature of the great, humid State of Florida* gave us House Bill 7093 (2019), the “Armed Teachers Act.” (As of my typing time, it is assumed that Governor What’s-His-Guy will sign it into immediate lawful effect). It’s some 42 pages, around 9,000 words. The verbose, the numerological, and the pedantic, especially those Freudianly obsessed with “Incorporation,” must be ecstatic with both the law and with my take. It’s 350 times the law!!!
I know, as a right-winger and a gun nut I’m supposed to be happy that brave “Guardians” will be armed and patrolling the Sunshine State schools to protect them youngins. So sorry (not really), but I just don’t feel warm and fuzzy about this overwrought piece of official toilet paper.
Read all about the excitement of it from The Miami Herald. It’s a good article but it’s full of quotes from politi-critters. Those, I tend to “hear” more than I read. Honestly, they all sound like lound, angry rats scrambling up a gravelly embankment to escape a sex orgy of leeches and coyotes. [Threw up a little in my mouth just thinking of it].
For now we shall leave the demographic and practical political angles alone beyond a few points tangential to the following, to wit: