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We had, upon a time, a common language. It was called “English.” Much has changed. Now, Amherst College in Massachusetts has a new Common Language Guide, which looks uncommonly idiotic. From the Boston Herald:

A politically charged glossary for Amherst College students that disparages capitalism and dictates a broad range of PC gender terms has been withdrawn after campus Republicans howled in protest, saying the Orwellian language guide threatened to stifle free speech.

The document defines “capitalism” as a system that “leads to exploitative labor practices, which affect marginalized groups disproportionately.”

“White feminism” is “predicated upon the erasure of women of color and the ways in which racism and sexism converge and compound one another.”

“Homonationalism,” per the document, is used “to explain the ways in which cis-gay and lesbian veterans of the Iraq War were celebrated as proof of American exceptionalism in contrast to racist/orientalist discourse about Iraqi combatants and other people in Central Asia racialized outside of U.S. understandings of whiteness.”

Well, at least they’ve found one form of nationalism to approve of…

This week’s TPC column focused, largely, on the systemic fraud of college admissions. At many schools (Amherst ain’t the only one with a book like this) the fraud continues through the curriculum and student life. This is part of it.


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They left out “Anti-Christianism” and “Europhobia.” I also saw nothing about the sacred wonders of Pedo-Cannibalism. Bigots.