Here’s to another St. Patrick’s Day, a celebratory tradition here at the old blog going back to our first March. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! And, here’s to the coming of the First Day of Spring, 2019 – I’m more than ready this year – this Wednesday, the 20th.


Saint Patrick was born a Roman citizen in ancient Britain.  At age 16 he was kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland.  He suffered his bondage for six years before escaping back to his home.  Later, as a priest and a bishop, he returned to Ireland as a missionary of the Church.  This in itself is a miracle I think.

BTW, the snakes are metaphorical. St. Paddy did not drive actual serpents out of Ireland. He forced out something much worse. Today, we could use his insight in Hollywood, in academia, and in the Vatican.