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Every other week, at least, I get asked if I’ve seen [______] show or if I’m going to [______] movie. No and no!

Vox Day gets it (as always):

In the meantime, a crew man, GafferAnon, explains what you can do to shut down the Pedo Palace:

Make the money dry up.
Stop going to the movie theaters.
Stop using the products they pimp.
Stop paying to be entertained.

Just stop. Stop buying tickets and then complaining about how they inserted SJW poison into your favorite franchise. Stop making snarky comments and posting negative reviews about movies you paid to see. Stop supporting those who hate you, hate your politics, hate your faith, and hate your nation. Stop funding your own destruction!

I have not been to a movie since The Return of the King came out in 2003. I will never see another Hollywood movie in the theater. Anyhow, be sure to read both linked posts in their entireties, as there is a copious amount of information in them.

Get out of the sewer and stop supporting people who hate you, your family, your nation, and your God. Stop it!

This week’s TPC article, if published…, will focus on the foreign influence perhaps as never before. Therein, I make passing mention of the cultural rot. The Devil stalks you like a lion. Either shoot him or run away; don’t feed him.