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Justin Smalley (or whatever), the celebrity hate hoaxer, has nothing on the alarmists behind global warming climate change global communism change.

The idea that climate change is producing heat records across the Earth is among the most egregious manipulations of data in the absurd global warming debate.

Americans receive a daily barrage from the fake news media and climate “experts” reporting that each and every day, week, month or year is the hottest on record due to global warming. On Feb. 7, several major newspapers carried stories of the declaration by NASA and NOAA that the past five years have been the warmest on record.

Sadly, these supposed experts use mathematical equations that do not jibe with reality over the past 140 years.

The manipulation of data is settled science. And, even if global warming was real, the proposals have nothing to do with the climate. It’s all about total economic and social control. See the Green Raw Deal for details.

Maybe these commie climate hoaxers could join Jared Smokey in prison. They could start a soap-dropping gang called “Empire Climate Hoaxers.”