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Word came late last night that a renewed government shutdown may be averted. A group of four crusty Senatorial Congress Critters was able to cobble together another temporary can-kicking budget substitute. And, part of the deal includes $20 $5.7 $1.375 Billion for the wall some steel slats, enough to cover all 2,000 55 miles of the Mexican border. Now, the full Congress takes up the mantle.

We’re saved…

$1.375 Billion would, by my calculations, pay for roughly 4,500 A-10 gun runs and a permanent end to the invasion. That obviously not being in the cards, the slats are the best we can hope for. That, and Democrats dropping (for now) their calls to dismantle ICE.


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) has called for rounding up all Jews in America and sending them to gas chambers criticized AIPAC for using its money and influence to place Israeli interests ahead of America’s. AIPAC, by the way, uses its money and influence to place Israeli interests ahead of America’s.

For this, Omar has been labeled an anti-semite. And, she’s going to pay for it. Well, actually, she won’t. The New York Daily News has some good reasons why, which can be summed up in three words: Black. Muslim. Woman.

Ignoring why we have a Black Muslim Woman from Somalia in Congress and the ridiculously idiotic binary view of Israel and anti-semitism, isn’t diversity wonderful? Far from controversy, this is America’s greatest strength. The party of anything goes, has gone, and now deals with where it went. If I may, “Ha!”

Omar’s final words on the issue were, “Listening and learning, but standing strong.” Wouldn’t that American men did the same.