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A TPC Salute of All-American Small Town Newspapers

It occurred to me that mine is an odd position at TPC – the “national affairs” columnist of a decidedly local publication. Da enlightens the esoteric South with charm and wit. Sweetheart Bess writes from the heart tales to warm any heart. Kayla puts the Cool in Chronicles (fits, trust me), fun with every single post. Marshall may be the most dedicated defender of the traditional local scene I’ve ever known. Then there’s me … I bring the battleaxe to the bonfire.


I have to. It’s the job. And, it’s me. The rest of the staff see Newton County as home. I see it as 279 of the neatest square miles out of the 3.1 million between Mexico and Canada. There’s a lot of horror out there which, unchecked, can and will creep in the the glorious Georgia Piedmont. Hence, the usual topics.
But, not today. Today is all local. Well, local from multiple locales to keep it “national” in nature. Herein, I proudly present three of my favorite small town sources for news of the doin’s of small town life in the good old U.S. of A. Regardless of geography, one will find great similarity; three towns outside Georgia look and feel a lot like Covington.
My original hometown is inhabited by some 25,000 of the oddest, yet most endearing people in America. Over the past 40 years, the city has transformed from “Stark-Patch,” dead end of the SEC, to “Stark-Vegas,” a capital of college cool. I remember when the new Jitney Jungle opened, next to Harco and behind Danver’s (all gone, now, BTW).