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Days of darkness:

Depending on the year, heartless Amerikans annually murder roughly one million defenseless and innocent unborn children. Obviously, Molock being a demanding god, this isn’t enough.

Enter the new “modest proposal” for satisfying the national youngling bloodlust: infanticide. New laws are redefining “late-term.”

A new law is in effect in New York and one was proposed in Virginia in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s potential overturn of Roe v. Wade (1973). The thought (the fear) is that Trump will pack The Nine with staunch conservatives who won’t hesitate to reverse the most odious juridical mistake since Dred Scott. Fear not, Satanists! That won’t happen – see my brief dismissal of “conservatives,” below.

As an interesting aside, one of the many lies artfully decorated in flowery legalese in justification of Roe was the need to protect women from “coat hanger” abortions performed in back alleys by the same dude who purveys speed and fake IDs. A review of the numbers, which I last ran around 2003, revealed that pre-Roe, something like 100 women died each year as a result of illegal, non-medical abortion procedures. Post-Roe, praise be to Baphomet, that number fell to the north of 1,000. Progress and safety!

Now, however, such precaution may be dispensed with. The new bills in both States allow for the killings to occur outside of hospitals, performed by non-doctors. An exciting new opportunity for the local dope dealer or ink peddler?

In New York, should a determined little “lump of tissue” somehow survive a late-term attempt on its life, the attending physician [SIC] may kill her on sight in order to complete the otherwise failed abortion.





The murdered babies aren’t just for blood drinking and Satanic rituals; they’re also for sale to the highest “science” bidder.