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It’s time to dispense with the hateful rhetoric of the National Fire Association (NFA) and to finally have a national discussion about fire violence. Heck, it’s time to ban fire. Ban it before something else like this happens.

Ten people including a baby have died in a fire at an eight-storey building in south-western Paris, officials say.

More than 30 people – including six firefighters – were injured. One person is in a serious condition.

Fifty people were evacuated by ladders from the blaze in the upmarket 16th arrondissement.

Investigators believe the fire – one of the most deadly in the French capital in years – was possibly started deliberately.

A woman detained earlier by police is no longer being questioned and, after undergoing medical and behavioural tests, has been admitted to the psychiatric infirmary of the Paris police, media reports quote the Paris prosecutor as saying.

The line about the crazy woman is bull. The fire did this. Fire control works. That’s why they haven’t had a fire in Atlantis for over 4,000 years.