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One step closer to that utopian cashless society, down in St. Petersburg.

Fans at Tropicana Field in Florida can expect shorter lines at the concessions stands this year as the Tampa Bay Rays announced that their stadium is going cash free.

Rays vice president of strategy and development William Walsh said on Friday that the move is an attempt cut the average transaction time in half during games, ESPN reported

“We have made significant investments each year to improve the ballpark experience for fans,” he said in a statement. “This change will increase speed of service and reduce lines throughout the ballpark.”

The stadium will accept major credit cards, apple pay, season-ticket holders’ Rays Cards and, for those wanting to use cash, they can do so by purchasing Rays gift cards to use at concessions, Fox 13 reported.

Surrendering more freedom to Big Bankster and getting that over-priced beer-flavored water at a slightly faster pace – what a deal! I suspect the local fans will be all over it.

This particular demise isn’t a concern if, like me, you still haven’t let MLB off the hook for the Strike of ’94.