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There’s a great lesson in the Covington Catholic hate hoax: Maybe for the first time ever, the anti-white, anti-Christian hate narrative failed immediately. With the exception of snakes like Bill Crystal and Ben Shapiro, most people picked up on the BS nearly as fast as I did. They promptly rejected it and even made fun of it. This has the establishment in a panic. The latest stories – about the other stories about the likely story – read like psychiatric couch session notes. More on that, maybe, later. For now, a look at the noble “elder” at the center of the hoax:

CNN just published a softball interview with Nathan Phillips, the Native American man at the center of the recent episode at the Lincoln Memorial with some high school students from Kentucky.

Phillips is a con man.

Prove me wrong.

In yesterday’s email I described for you what happened in the now-famous confrontation. I viewed hours of footage to see whose story matched the evidence.

Let’s just say Phillips came in second.

In the original story, Catholic high school students approached and surrounded a peaceful Native American man, and shouted “Build that wall!” The man was merely trying to keep peace between the students and another group, we were told.

When the full footage was released, apologies flooded in — not nearly as many as there should have been (the cowardly and evil Bill Kristol merely deleted his defamatory Tweets instead of apologizing to the kids he’d smeared), but more than I expected.

Phillips, who also directly assaulted the Church’s activities in DC – one would think the Church would notice – is refusing to meet with the students he previously tried to drum out. I bet they’re grateful for that.

There will be more hoaxes like this, many more. Be ready. Prepare to go on the offensive.