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Nobody really does it like PCR:

Why are citizens so powerless that their governments can elevate the interest of foreigners far above the interests of citizens?

There are a number of reasons. The main one is that the people are disarmed and are propagandized to accept violence from the state against them, but not to deliver violence in return against the governments’ illegal use of force against citizens.

In short, until the conquered peoples of Europe kill the police, who serve the ruling elite and delight in inflicting brutality against those whose taxes pay their salaries, take the weapons from the police, and kill the corrupt politicians who have sold them out, the peoples of Europe will remain a conquered and oppressed peoples.

Some time past Chris Hedges, one of the remaining real journalists, made it clear that without violent revolution to excise the tumor of government superiority over the people, freedom throughout the West is dead as a doornail.

Harsh but true – and nicely couched in EUROPEAN terms, just in case… No arguments here.

Other thoughts of the week:

*I fully support shutting down the government – permanently is okay with me.

*Without a shutdown, criminal justice reform is probably a good idea (though I haven’t seen the details).

*Wall or No Wall? The 2020 question.

*Good riddance to another swamp rat.