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Last month I predicted Tucker Carlson’s imminent departure from Faux News (formerly, the Legs Network):

“If this behavior is maintained, then look for Carlson’s departure from Faux News early next year. I’m sure the pretext has already been manufactured.”

The pretext in civic nationalistic defense of mass (third world) migration. Carlson’s advertisers are leaving over his simple adherence to the truth:

More than a dozen companies have announced they will either pull or suspend their advertising from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show over comments about immigration he made last week.

Land Rover, IHOP, Ancestry.com, Just For Men, Minted, Smile Direct, Pacific Life, ScotteVest, Nerd Wallet, TD Ameritrade, Bowflex, CareerBuilder, Zenni and the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card had as of Tuesday afternoon all released statements saying that they would no longer advertise on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The retreat from Carlson’s program came as liberal activists and organizations pressured companies to abandon the show.

Faux, for their dull part, says they won’t stand for censorship. Hmmmm. For our part, these are more companies to add to the list of enemies, who hate you, whom you should not $upport. Pancakes are better at Village Inn anyway.