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***Note*** I’ve got a lot of drafts sitting around, some in existence and unpublished since 2013. It became obvious to me that I’m in no hurry to get around to them. But, they’ve survived various draft purges over the years. If they’re that important I can just come back and elaborate later. For now, I offer them, kind of as-is, in this, a lightning publishing round. The fun will continue while supplies last. Make of these what you will. Or not. I don’t care.


Aha! I found this, just a list of links to past news stories. The FDA communist assault continues, though some fight it. I’ve covered that. I even published a submitted CFR comment. Entertain yourselves, particularly if you’re in the industry, with the following (if operable – not checking):




How FDA Rules Are Making Life Hell For Cigar Lovers




The era of unregulated cigars may be going up in smoke