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Where’s Rita Coolidge? We need a serenade here.

As the US average IQ drops dangerously towards Central American levels, we can at least take comfort (foods) in the fact that the now much duller Amerikans are the largest set ever.

The nation’s obesity rate has reached the highest-ever level this year, according to the United Health Foundation’s 2018 . Obesity is a leading contributor to cardiovascular disease, cancer and other conditions. Additionally, an increase in drug deaths, suicides and cardiovascular disease deaths is contributing to an increase in premature death.

Better ban guns and cigars…

The obesity rate exceeded 30 percent of the adult population for the first time in America’s Health Rankings history, up 5 percent in the past year (from 29.9 percent to 31.3 percent). Premature deaths increased 3 percent (from 7,214 to 7,432 years lost before age 75 per 100,000 people).

Livin’ large. Adding in the merely overweight civies, we’re at something like 75% of all persons within the nonborders of the former nation. The trend GROWS (pun). Soon, maybe within a decade or so, the percent of tubbies will equal the average IQ.


Go supersize something.

PS: Please read all about that amazing money-waster of a program they’re pushing! Sure to be as effective as that last election Y’all enjoyed.