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Thank God for government, right? Without Washington, who would break all the laws passed in Washington?

A Wiki (sorry, Vox) quote about US “intelligence” prior to 1942:

“Prior to the formation of the OSS, the various departments of the executive branch, including the State, Treasury, Navy, and War Departments conducted American intelligence activities on an ad hoc basis, with no overall direction, coordination, or control. ”

Then, came the OSS and, right behind it, the CIA – with all the added illegality, such as project MKUltra. (Read all about that ongoing fiasco – no time to elaborate). If anything changed, the lack of direction, coordination, and control certainly did not.

The CIA should be disbanded and destroyed. It won’t be. But, we appear to be getting the next best thing. If an organization is compromised and run by completely incompetent people, then its harmful effects may be mitigated. So it is. Gina Haspel, the female head of that wayward agency has appointed another woman, Elizabeth Kimber, to run the dreaded Operations division, which controls Clandestine Services, Paramilitary Ops and all. That’s the outfit that killed those who killed Osama (the second bullet-induced death, not the previous renal incident).

If the Q crowd did anything, they showed us that the agency can be electronically blinded, if only temporarily. The new direction of control hormonally guarantees inefficiency and redirection of purpose. The moves should make for a meaner and much viscous culture, but one that’s incapable of actually accomplishing much. For that, we should be grateful.