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The UK MUST REMAIN! Or else BREXITers and Tommy Robinson fans will keep leaving bombs in abandoned apartments!

Two suspected bombs have been found in a disused flat in north-west London, sparking a large counter-terror operation.

Two suspicious items were found at a flat in Craven Park, Harlesden, this morning and are believed to be improvised explosive devices.

The flat was evacuated and the area cordoned off while detectives from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command launched an investigation.

The two devices were subsequently made safe and recovered from the flat and are now undergoing further forensic examination.

There is no way these alleged weapons could have been made by the new “Britons,” Allah, honor them.

And, there’s no chance the criminals responsible for this bomb will ever answer for their crimes.

At first glance, it looks like a $9 trillion time bomb is ready to detonate, a corporate debt load that has escalated thanks to easy borrowing terms and a seemingly endless thirst from investors.

On Wall Street, though, hopes are fairly high that it’s a manageable problem, at least for the next year or two.

The resolution is critical for financial markets under fire. Stocks are floundering, credit spreads are blowing out and concern is building that a combination of higher interest rates on all that debt will begin to weigh meaningfully on corporate profit margins.

Do not worry. This debt can always be written down or refinanced – either or both at your expense. This is in contrast to your debts. Look for a bi-partisan tightening of (non-corporate) bankruptcy laws in a year or two, roughly the same timeframe for this particular bomb going off. Jubilee for them, slavery for you.

Both of these stories involve terrorism. Neither will result in meaningful action.