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Meanwhile, in Judeo-Christian America…


“Okay. So a Veep and a Rabbi walk into a firestorm…”

Complete that joke as you like – my head hurts. But a laugh helps a little. That’s what I got out of this brand new story from Yahoo! “News” and I thought I’d share.

Mike Pence, doing what Vice Presidents do, traveled to Michigan to headline a campaign rally for Lena Epstein. Mrs. Epstein is a proud Republican running for Congress. She’s also Jewish. Trump, when not available himself, channels his inner Warren Zevon and sends the envoy – Pence in this case.

I’ve been to rallies like this, once even having forgotten my boots and shovel. It gets deep quick but, as everyone’s typically in the same party, no one seems to mind. Words were said, probably about taxes, jobs, the military, Israel, and making some country between Mexico and Canada great again. Stock stuff.

Then! Then, as is typical with these events, a prayer was offered. Here, matters of political identity and decorum can occasionally raise their heads. Pence is a Christian, Epstein a Jew, and the Michigan voters are probably Lions fans. So, who leads the prayer??? Rabbi? Pastor? Priest? Matthew Stafford?

Pence, likely with Epstein’s approval, settled the matter by offering up one Loren Jacobs, a “Christian Rabbi” from the area. But, “wait!” you say. Christians don’t have Rabbis and Rabbis aren’t Christian. Confusing possibly, but it’s a big country. The “Jews for Jesus” are a sect of Christians – I once knew one – who use Judaic titles and seek to convert Jews.

The hubbub it seems regards Jacob’s purported representation of all local Jews and his words of prayer offered for the victims of this weekend’s mass murder at Tree of Life Synagogue of Pittsburgh, PA. For those poor souls, he prayed in Jesus’s name. One might say that a prayer is a prayer, although one could also sense a sleight in action.

“Messianic ‘Judaism’ is a branch of Christianity and offensive to the Jewish community. Lena Epstein knew this and so did Pence and his team. This wasn’t ecumenical; it was an insulting political stunt,” said “real” Detroit Rabbi Jason Miller. There’s also the hot on the heels of the Synagogue shooting angle. Outrage. Firestorm.