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Open borders kill countries, with the more civilized recipients falling victim to the less civilized incomers. Even first world to first world can have problems. Third world to first world is a problem. Robert Ringer gets past the theory:

All good theoretical stuff, but, unfortunately, reality has a way of overwhelming theory, and the dominant reality of our age is that a significant number of the earth’s inhabitants believe they have a right to violate your freedom. I’m not just talking about political thugs and bureaucrats, but their envy-crazed followers as well. Thus, the reality of illegal immigration is that it has the potential to destroy a civilized country.

Any undocumented person arriving at any border of the United States, regardless of age, sex, or country of origin, must immediately be refused entry. No courts involved. End of discussion.

Either we take such an unyielding stance or, by default, meekly submit to the dissolution of the United States of America. History teaches us that empires fall apart when their rulers and their citizens become soft, and Americans have become very soft. Now, thankfully, we are being forced to make a choice, and for that I must thank the organizers of the fake caravans. What shall it be?

America is either a country or it is not.

UPDATE: My weekly email to President Trump:

Dear President Trump:

Congratulations, as usual, for your unswerving dedication to America, the Posterity of the Constitution, and freedom.

You were correct to deem the current illegal migrant “caravan” (and all others) a “national emergency.” It is not a caravan. It is an invasion column – war conducted under the guise of globalist immigration.

As such, I would recommend treating it as a hostile military incursion. Repel it with military force. Do not allow another single invader into the United States. Consider strongly removing those already here. And, consider most strongly removing that enemy within, that which constantly encourages and suborns the invasion and the concurrent destruction.

You know the timing and the landscape better than I but I suspect the time is near to take hard action against our domestic enemy combatants. Please do so.

Thank you, as always, for all you do.



Perrin Lovett