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It’s pointless. If you vote, then know that no matter how you vote, nothing will change. It. Is. Over.

Here’s a Halloween story to have you screaming like Jamie Lee Curtis. We’ve reached the terminal tipping point. It’s one we’ve been waiting for a while now and finally, it’s here. More Americans now collect “benefits” than pay taxes. Over. Done.

I double checked the numbers and it’s true – 167 million taking, with over 121 million paying. The only question is how this affects voters. One can safely assume that now the majority of those who cast ballots will continue to do so to keep the gravy coming.

So ends the Grand Experiment.

Kind of the subject of today’s TPC bit:

Perrin’s Big Ole Big, Bad, Lean, Mean, Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Election 2018 ‘Voting’ Recommendations Extravaganza and Illustrated Picture Show!!!

Read that and then get busy making better use of your time.